This verify site will help your website being recognized by Google.


1. Go to Google Webmasters.

2. Type in your domain name.




4. Click on Alternate methods.

5. Select HTML tag.

6. Copy the meta tag.



7. Go to your webShaper store control panel.

8. Go to Settings.

9. Click on Verify Site.

10. Paste your meta tag on Google Webmaster box.

11. Click Save.



12. Go back to your Google webmaster again.

13. Click Verify.



14. Now your site is verified.




15. To activate your Site Map, go to Settings > Google Site Map.

16. Click link Click Here to submit your sitemap!



17. Click No SiteMaps.



18. Click Add/Test SiteMap.



19. You have to insert SiteMap file from webShaper store control panel.



20. Copy the SiteMap file one by one.



21. Paste the first SiteMap file and click Submit.



22. Do the same step (Step 21) for another SiteMap file.



23. You will see that Indexed status is pending as Google take some time to crawl your website.



24. After a while, you can see you domain Site Map on the browser.



Still wonder what Google Webmaster Tools is all about?