If your customers do not like the idea of online payment, you can set up manual order to capture any offline order such as Mail Order and Telephone Order.


  1. If you were to accept offline orders from your customers, these are the details that you will have to get from them:

    Customer’s Name


    Billing & Shipping Address

    Preferred Payment Method

    Preferred Shipping Method

  2. Once you have all the details, you will have to enter the details in the system manually. Go to Orders.
  3. Click on Manual Orders.
  4. Under Product Information, enter your product name ordered by your customer in Search Product and click Search.
  5. Enter the product quantity according to your customer’s order.
  6. Click Select.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Under Customer Information, you can select either New Customer or Existing Customer and then click Next. For New Customer, you will have to enter their details manually. For Existing Customer, you can enter their name and click Search.
  9. Once the order is successfully created, the order status is set to Pending by default. Once you receive payment from your customer, you will need to update the status to Processed.