Step 1: Identify Your Router Local Area Network (LAN) IP Address

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center. The window as shown below should appear: (The window shown might be different due to different Windows Version)


  1. Click on your connected wifi, the format should appear like this. Wi-fi (<Your Wifi Name>)


  1. A window as shown below will appear. Click the Details button and wait for the new window to open.


  1. Search for:-
  • IPv4 Address – Your Local Network Area (LAN) IP Address
  • IPv4 Default Gateway – Your Router IP
  • These IPs need to be noted down as you will need it soon.


Step 2: Setup Your Receipt Printer

  1. Kindly setup your printer, make sure the power source is connected.
  2. Plug in LAN cable to the printer, and connect it to the computer via computer LAN port.
  3. Click the following link to download the Utility Tools to set up the printer:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file and install it.
  2. Open the application installed. The application name is Network Setting Utility.


  1. Click tool -> Search Options… at the application top bar as shown below.


  1. Please tick the Search Specified Address and fill in the details as following:
  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Click Add, then the setting should appear as shown below.


  1. Click the printer, then click the Configuration, and a window will be opened.
  2. Click the third tab, TCP/IP
  3. Tick the Set using PING
  4. Now it is the time to refer the IP addresses that have been noted down previously.
  5. For printer IP address, please keep the first 3 dots digits and change the last number to 250.
  • For example:
LAN IP address: Normal user
  • Key in the printer IP as


router should be as following formats

  • Please make sure to choose the right IP based on your LAN IP address else your printer will not work.
  1. Subnet Mask should be
  2. Default Gateway should be the same as IPv4 Default Gateway
  3. For Network Interface Card Properties settings should be as shown below:
  4. Please confirm that everything is correct and click OK to set the printer IP.
  5. Wait until the setup is done.

Step 3: Check the configuration

  1. To check whether the configuration is correct, press the power button to switch off your printer.
  2. Hold the Feed button and switch on your printer. Please keep holding the Feed
  3. Please wait for a few seconds until the paper is printed out.
  4. You should be able to see your printer configuration. Search for IP Address on the receipt printer, the IP Address should be the one you set.
  • Eg:
  • Search for Gateway on the receipt printer, the Gateway IP should be same as the one you set.
  1. Now, connect receipt printer to router via LAN
  2. Now everything is done nicely. You are advised to use your printer at webShaper POS

Step 4: Setup webShaper POS connect to receipt printer

  1. Login to your webShaper POS app.
  2. Click the Menu at your top left corner, and select settings.
  3. Click the Printer tab at left, and key in your printer IP address, eg
  4. Click Done at top left corner and log out. Try login again and test to print any of your orders.