Understanding your Order Status

When it comes to the order status, the list below shows what the Order Status is at any given time:

  • Pending: You haven’t received your Offline Payment. (You will receive an email from the customers)
  • Processed: You have received Payment, either Offline or Online but Shipping has not taken place yet. (You will receive an email from the customers)
  • Shipped: This is when Payment has been Processed, and the item is not being Shipped or is ready to be Shipped.
  • Partially Shipped: When a customer has purchased a pre-ordered product and has also purchased an available product. When the available product has been shipped and the pre-order is being waited for, the order may be set to this state.
  • Incomplete: One of your customers has not completed their order from the front end of your site, they could have crossed the page, or cancelled payment before it went through. (You will not receive an email from the customers)
  • Cancelled: You have cancelled an order from your dashboard. Click this link to know how to cancel your order.

Changing your Order Status 

webShaper provides you with two main payment options:

a) Offline Payment

i. For Offline Payment, you have to go to to your dashboard to update the order status from Pending to Processed, this is when you have confirmed that you have received the payment from the customer. You can learn how to do this by following this link.
ii. You can then Process your Orders. Learn how by following this link.
iii. You can learn how to Partially Ship Order here.
iv. After you have processed your Orders, you can finally Ship them.

Learn how to Ship your products by following this link.

b) Online Payment

For Online payment, your orders will just have to go from Processed to Shipped.

Learn how to Process your Orders by following this link.


Deleting your Orders

You can delete Orders when their status is one of the following:

  • Incomplete
  • Cancelled

Click here to learn How to Delete your Orders.