When to re-sync products to marketplaces?


webShaper only sync full product information for the 1st time (then both Inventory and Pricing will be sync automatically after 1st product sync.)


Therefore, any subsequent changes on products information like description, long description etc (on webShaper), users will need to manually select and re-sync it.




To help you to re-sync faster, you can click “Modified Products” on the filter drop down box. This will show a list of products in which you have just modified the details. It covers


1. When you edit product-specific’s Custom Name/Desc.
2. When you edit product-specific’s Category Mapping
3. When you edit product-specific’s Options
4. When you edit product-specific’s Product Spec


Not that the “Modified Products” filtering does not automatically display product changes below:
1. When general category mapping is changed.
2. Any changes in webShaper product management.


In general, any products information change done in webShaper, you have to select the products to be re-sync.