Now, your online store is almost ready to launch. Run through the Go Live Checklist and of course don’t miss out our blog where we have prepared useful articles on how to get the sales in!


Go Live Checklist

1 – Does your logo (a.k.a your brand) looks sharp and good?

Logo is like your brand identity, don’t settle for anything less. Get a new logo design, or ask our help to sharpen your logo (for free)!



2 – Have you populated precise information in these following areas?

2.1.   Products & Inventory
Put up nice photos & product information that best describe all your merchandises to turn visitors into buyers.


2.2.   Shipping
Configure all the shipping rate to enable auto shipping rate calculation.


2.3.   Payment
Select, Configure and Activate the Credit Card Processor. Set up Offline Payment like Cheque Payment.


2.4.   Taxes
You will need to configure this if you are from countries which applied GST (Goods and Services Tax) System like Canada, Singapore etc.


2.5.   Email Settings
SMTP must be configured correctly to enable the sending/receiving emails from webShaper miniStore, sohoStore or bizStore.


2.6.   Currency Type
Specify the currency type that your online store accepts and processes.


Note: if your payment gateway doesn’t support, let’s say, Euro Dollar (EUR) but if your store supports EUR and when customers choose to transact in EUR, your credit card processor will not show up as one of the payment option during the checkout process.



3. Have you checked how your online store (website) looks on different browsers?

Check your online store using common and popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Pay attention to details like the store display especially if you are using a responsive design, screen resolution, links and etc.



4. Have you tested your store for live purchase?

Go through the buying process a few rounds and try to process the order from webShaper’s order management. Try placing a few test orders on your store to ensure that your checkout process, various shipping methods and payment types are enabled and functioning as expected.



5. Have you included all the business policies in your online store (website)?

Have you put up proper policy (a.k.a the way you conduct your business) and content pages on your store? All these can significantly improve your customers’ confidence and increase your conversion rate!


5.1.   Privacy Policy
Tell your customers you will never (in a million years) sell their email and information to any third party.


5.2.   Shipping Policy
Do you ship worldwide? Any particular places that you won’t ship to? Which courier services that you use? Make sure you state everything clearly in your website so that shoppers are well informed to avoid any disappointment.


5.3.   Return Policy (If any)
Do you accept returns for any broken or damaged goods? It’s an excellent way to boost customers’ confidence in buying from you knowing that their purchase is safeguard.


5.4.   Contact Us Information

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Business Hours (Specify your time zone)
  • Or a Google Map plotting your physical location? Just like what we did in our contact us page: