If you would like to allow your customers to collect from your store instead of you delivering to them, you can do it with:


  1. Go to Shipping.
  2. Under Custom Shipping Options, click Add.
  3. Enter your text in Shipping Option Name. For example, you can enter Self Collect.
  4. Enter 0 MYR flat value for Handling Fee field.
  5. Check Flat rate based on order weight for Rate Type.
  6. Check Show rate to all (International & Local) for Shipping Rate Applies to.
  7. Check Yes for Enabled.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Under Auto Generate Shipping Rates for Ship Rates (in MYR) – set the Base Rate and Increment value as 0.
  10. Under Auto Generate Shipping Rates for Define Range (in) – set your start value to end value. For instance, a start value of 0 and end value of 30 would mean zero shipping cost from products weight 0kg to 30kg.
  11. Click Generate Rates.
  12. Click Finish.